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Horse Foal for Sale KWPN Bay (87) Haute Vienne (France)
FLORICIO DE ...5 000 €
1 year
(87) Haute Vienne (France)

Breed: KWPN
Gender: Male
Horse Foal for Sale French Saddle Bred Chestnut (73) Savoie (France)
GOLDEN BOY D...6 000 €
7 months
(73) Savoie (France)

Breed: French Saddle Bred
Gender: Male
Horse Foal for Sale French Saddle Bred Dark Bay (73) Savoie (France)
2 years
(73) Savoie (France)

Breed: French Saddle Bred
Gender: Gelding
Equestrian Real Estate For Sale/Rent Riding Centre / Pony Club / Stud (76) Seine Maritime (France)
Rental1 800 € /month
Riding Centre / Pony Club / ...
(76) Seine Maritime (France)

Indoor arena : 42x16 m
Outdoor arena : 70x46 m
Horse for Sale Show Jumping Dressage Eventing French Saddle Bred Chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail (35) Ille et Vilaine (France)
CHIPIE DU HA...25 000 €
4 years
(35) Ille et Vilaine (France)

Breed: French Saddle Bred
Gender: Mare
Horse for Sale Show Jumping Eventing Hunter Recorded origins Bay (69) Rhône (France)
SULTANE DE B...15 000 €
10 years
(69) Rhône (France)

Breed: Recorded origins
Gender: Mare
Half-board Searches and Offers Horse Sharing between 2 riders (95) Val d'Oise (France)
Sharing between 2 riders200 €/month
(95) Val d'Oise (France)

Offer Half-board
Horse Trail Riding Ad Idaho (United States)
Convoyage de Chevaux à ...
12 places
Idaho (United States)

Duration : 9 days
Theme : Culture
Horse stud for Sale French Saddle Bred Covering in-hand (50) Manche (France)
OPPLALA ST H...300 €
14 years
(50) Manche (France)

Breed: French Saddle Bred
Coat colour : Liver Chestnut
Horse Lorry for Sale AMELINE (69) Rhône (France)
AMELINE39 000 €
2 places 100 kms
(69) Rhône (France)

Vehicle Type : Light Vehicle
On-road date : December 2016
Holiday Cottage Ad (71) Saône et Loire (France)
2 places
(71) Saône et Loire (France)

Horse accommodation : Fields, S
talls, Stables
Horse for Sale Show Jumping French Saddle Bred Chestnut (56) Morbihan (France)
VENUE D'ELLE...30 000 €
7 years
(56) Morbihan (France)

Breed: French Saddle Bred
Gender: Mare
Horse Trailer for Sale BOCKMANN (59) Nord (France)
2 places 850 kg
(59) Nord (France)

Specific licence : Yes
On-road date : June 1990
Equestrian Real Estate For Sale/Rent Holiday Cottage (68) Haut Rhin (France)
Sale560 000 €
Holiday Cottage
(68) Haut Rhin (France)

Indoor arena : No
Outdoor arena : No
Horse Jobs Searches and Offers Medical Rider (61) Orne (France)
Medical Rider
(61) Orne (France)

Miscellaneous Equestrian Ad Holiday Cottages (69) Rhône (France)
Holiday Cottages
(69) Rhône (France)

vacances poney / cheval
Horse Broodmare for Sale Recorded origins Grey (72) Sarthe (France)
4 years
(72) Sarthe (France)

Breed: Recorded origins
Horse Professional Equipment for Sale (67) Bas Rhin (France)
See the adve...45 €
(67) Bas Rhin (France)

Horse Lorry for Sale (38) Isère (France)
See the adve...25 000 €
11 places 250 000 kms
(38) Isère (France)

Vehicle Type : Trailers
On-road date : May 2000
Carriages for Sale Trainer (84) Vaucluse (France)
Trainer450 €
3 placesPony/horse size
(84) Vaucluse (France)

Number of horses : 1
Number of wheels : 2 wheel
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